Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Alligators at Merritt Island, Florida

Alligators at Merritt Island, Florida

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These guys were fun to photograph. My mother in law encouraged me to hop out of our vehicle to get a closer view of the gator. (What am I? Bait?)

We had our dog with, who totally ignored the alligators at Merritt.
No worries, he stayed in our vehicle, belted in so he wouldn't go for a joy run.

The raccoons were a different story though. He really noticed the raccoons.

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, not too fond of gators... I live not far from Lake Monroe, which has the 2nd highest concentration of gators of any body of water in the state of Florida... the highest concentration of gators in one body of water is either Lake Harney or Lake Jesup (they're pretty close to each other, so I can't remember which one) which is also in Seminole County! In the morning you can cruise past the banks of Lake Monroe, and all you'll see are loads of snouts and eyes sticking up out of the water... It's quite the thing to see!