Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Rocky Raccoon at Merritt Island Beach

Rocky Raccoon and friends at Merritt Island Beach

Four or five raccoons came out from under the stairs at the Merritt Island beach.
By the time I had my camera ready, they went back into hiding.
Then one or two came out, one at a time.

Hmmm, perhaps chinese food?

My dog didn't notice the alligators on this trip, but oh my!
He did notice those raccoons!

I'm glad the dog had his seatbelt on.
I don't want him meeting this fellow.

Have you ever gone down stairs with a bit of concern about what lurks outside of your view?

From the look on Rocky's face, that was some spicy Thai food.

I have a theory that there are 4 sets of raccoon eyes staring back from here, but I can't find them.

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