Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Identify those Florida birds...part 3

Please use the add a comment feature if you can identify these Florida birds.


Remember, you can click on a photo for a larger view.



Anonymous said...

Diana -

The white bird with the long curved beak in Florida Birds Pt. 3 is an ibis. The red flowers with the white stripes are ameryllis (sp?), and the yellow ones (4th below the orange blossom) are hibiscus (those look very similar to a variety called "Florida Sunset, BTW). I believe the pink ones were camellias.


Anonymous said...

Thank-you Lori!

Dulany F Sriner said...

Looks like an Ibis, heron and a snipe.

Anonymous said...

Your middle bird is a Tricolored Heron: http://butterflies.heuristron.net/others/birdsTricoloredHeron.html

Nice shot to get all three in the same photo.