Thursday, March 20, 2008


Chick-fil-a on vacation is a big deal to our family.
We don't have one anywhere near us, so on vacation we visit this place a lot.

I love their Southwest salad with spicy dressing.
I'd love to see them carry a honey-lime salad dressing like Cheedars has.
I think that would make a great salad dressing...and a great mayo substitute for the grilled chicken sandwiches.
Of course, I'd also like to see them carry some sort of tofu salad, for those of us looking for a bit of variety when we visit their restaurant so often.
While I'm brainstorming, a small, inexpensive but potent chocolate dessert would be nice too, like the mini-buckets at Logan's.

I found this fellow (below) at the Webster Flea Market.

I read on the Wiki page about a spinoff restaurant called Truett's Grill.
We actually saw one on vacation, but it was on a we'll have to wait til next time.
(I like their reasons for closing on Sundays)
Yep, I love the music they play too.

Chick-Fil-A's website is at:

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